Sowing the Seeds of Change: Agroforestry’s Marvelous Carbon Absorption Journey

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the quest for effective solutions has led us to reevaluate the potential of nature’s silent heroes – trees. Common knowledge suggests that a single tree absorbs around 30 kg of carbon dioxide annually. There’s an emerging story that promises to revolutionize our approach to reforestation: agroforestry systems.   […]

Carbify Bridge explained

Carbify released the token bridge at earlier today. The bridge can move $CBY tokens from Ethereum to Polygon or from Polygon to Ethereum. This bridge is intended for the more experienced crypto users. How does it work exactly? First, you must determine if you want to move your $CBY tokens from Ethereum to Polygon or […]

Growing Hope in the Amazon Rainforest: The Carbify Tree-Planting Success Story

    When it comes to saving our planet, every small effort counts. But sometimes, there are initiatives that are so impactful, they inspire hope and ignite change on a grand scale. Our journey into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest is one such story – a tale of passion, commitment, and the relentless pursuit […]

Carbify signs Authic Labs to build innovative blockchain-powered applications.

Carbify aims to become the market leader in on-chain carbon compensation. The company offers CO2 generated by trees planted in the Amazon rainforest using the new standard regarding transparency and trust. We recognize the importance of partnering with high-quality organizations to achieve this goal. That’s why we proudly announce a strategic partnership with Authic Labs, […]

Carbify agroforestry system benefits

This article will describe why we are financing agroforest systems and why this significantly increases the amount of CO2 being absorbed.
Part 1: Carbify agroforestry system benefits
Part 2: Tokenizing land and trees to fund agroforestry systems

First crypto exchange carbon compensated by Carbify!

Carbify is on a mission to help businesses to compensate for their carbon footprint. Of course, this also applies to First crypto exchange carbon. We are excited to announce a long-term partnership between Carbify and Coinstore. As part of the partnership, Coinstore will purchase $aCO2 tokens every month to offset its carbon emissions. This is […]

Introducing Carbon Debits: The New Standard for Transparent Carbon Offsets

The company’s mission is to support global reforestation and make a positive impact on the environment. Transparent Carbon Offsets.   STONIA, May 23, 2023/ Carbify is pleased to announce it is transforming the carbon offset landscape with its ground-breaking alternative to traditional carbon credits. Focused on reforestation, this disruptive approach, backed by the certified Global Carbon Standard […]

Carbify’s global carbon standard (GCS)has been certified by the ESPL and UNFCCC!

This article will explain what this means and why this is groundbreaking news for the fight against climate change. Tokenized CO2 Carbify is a company focused on reducing carbon emissions using a highly disruptive working method. The company combines NFTs, tokenized assets and gaming to reduce carbon emissions, offer food security for the underprivileged, and […]

Phase 2: Smart NFTs! DEX trading and more.

Let us explain the next goals for Carbify while spoiling some Eco Empires screenshots. (it is playable!) This is a rather big update about ‘what’s next’ for Carbify. Lots of things are happening behind the scenes. Let’s update you!

How to buy tokens?

A quick how-to for the Carbify token sale starting at 20:00 CET. (18:00 UTC) | How to Buy Tokens Buying tokens is easy. It requires a few basic steps. Precaution: Carbidash still needs to be optimized for mobile phone usage. We suggest using a laptop or desktop computer for the token sale. STEP 1: Go to […]

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