Social Impact Explained: The Power of Your Contributions

At Carbify, we believe in the profound impact that collective action can have on our environment and communities. Each tree planted through our initiative is a testament to our commitment to a sustainable and equitable future. Let’s break down the social impact of our efforts by looking at some key metrics and explaining how your contributions translate into real-world benefits.

Key Metrics of Our Impact

1. Total Number of Trees Planted

   – To date, we have planted an impressive number of trees, multiplying the efforts of every individual contribution. Using our default calculation method, for every Agroforestry systems sold, we plant four times the amount of agroforestry systems, and each agroforestry systems includes an average of 5 trees + shrubs, ensuring a robust and thriving reforestation effort.

2. Total Number of Batches Planted

   – We organize our planting efforts into batches, each representing a significant milestone in our journey towards a greener planet. The total number of batches planted reflects the ongoing and expanding nature of our initiative.

3. Total CO2 Absorbed

   – Trees play a crucial role in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. On average, one Agroforestry system sequesters 175 kg of CO2 per year. This means that the collective CO2 absorption of our trees is a powerful force in mitigating climate change.

4. Total CO2 Used to Generate Carbon Offset Certificates

   – Our carbon offset certificates are a tangible representation of the CO2 sequestered by our trees. By converting the absorbed CO2 into verified certificates, we provide a transparent and accountable method for individuals and organizations to offset their carbon footprints. For each certificate the CO2 can be linked back to the original source of trees.

5. Area Afforested

   – Afforestation is not just about the number of agroforestry systems but also the area they cover. Each agroforestry systems corresponds to 50 m² of afforested area, contributing to the restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity.

6. Work Provided

   – Our Afforestation efforts also create employment opportunities. For every 1,200 agroforestry systems planted, we provide one full-time equivalent (FTE) job, supporting livelihoods and fostering economic stability in local communities.

Breaking Down the Impact

1 Agroforestry system Sold = 4 agroforestry systems Planted

– Every purchase results in the planting of four additional agroforestry systems. This multiplier effect ensures that our afforestation efforts are maximized.

1 Agroforestry system = 50 m² Reforested Area

– The impact of planting one agroforestry system extends to reforesting 50 square meters of land, contributing significantly to habitat restoration.

10 Agroforestry systems = 1 Person Supported with Food Security

– Planting 10 agroforestry systems translates into food security support for one person, highlighting the social benefits intertwined with environmental actions.

2,500 agroforestry systems = 1 Community Impacted

– The planting of 2,500 agroforestry systems positively impacts an entire community, providing resources, improving local ecosystems, and enhancing quality of life.

1,200 agroforestry systems = 1 FTE Work Provided

– For every 1,200 agroforestry systems planted, we create one full-time job, offering steady employment and economic benefits to local populations.

1 agroforestry systems = 175 kg CO2 Sequestered per year

– Each agroforestry systems sequesters an average of 175 kg of CO2 annually, demonstrating the substantial climate impact of our reforestation efforts.

Total Impact in Numbers

Let’s calculate some illustrative total impacts based on some figures:

– Total agroforestry systems Planted: 100,000 trees sold → 400,000 trees planted.

Total CO2 Absorbed: 400,000 agroforestry systems x 175 kg CO2/year = 70,000,000 kg (70,000 tonnes) of CO2/year.

Total Afforested Area: 400,000 agroforestry systems x 50 m² = 20,000,000 m² (20,000 hectares).

Total People Supported with Food Security: 400,000 agroforestry systems / 10 = 40,000 people.

Total Communities Impacted: 400,000 agroforestry systems / 2,500 = 160 communities.

Total FTE Work Provided: 400,000 agroforestry systems / 1,200 = 333 full-time equivalent jobs.

These figures illustrate the far-reaching benefits of our Afforestation efforts. By participating in our program, you are not only helping to sequester carbon and fight climate change but also supporting communities and creating jobs. For the real time numbers take a look at

Join Us in Making a Difference

The impact of our collective efforts goes beyond environmental benefits; it creates lasting social change. Every agroforestry systems planted, every kilogram of CO2 offset, and every job created is a step towards a sustainable and equitable future.

We invite you to explore the detailed impact of your contributions on our Carbify Business Portal ( For more information or if you have any questions, please reach out to us at Together, we can continue to make a difference, one tree at a time.

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