Rebuild the Amazon rainforest.
Support the locals.
Get rewarded.

Rebuild the Amazon rainforest.
Support the locals.
Get rewarded.

Find out how our plant-to-earn works by watching a 1 minute video
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Find out how our plant-to-earn works by watching a 1 minute video

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This is how Carbify works in 5 steps

Carbify offers NFTrees, which represent the planting of real trees. The trees absorb CO2 and contribute to reforestation.


Through tree planting in the Amazon, we not only absorb CO2 but also strive to make a positive social impact.


Carbify's tree planting in the Amazon rainforest empowers local communities and improves food security through sustainable use of fruits and nuts.


Carbify plants additional trees which will also absorb CO2, and grant rewards for both staking on our platform as well as our games.


$aCO2, also known as Carbon Debits, can be used to offset carbon emissions, sold for a high profit, or used in our game Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth.


We will plant trees in the Amazon rainforest, which will result in

Food security

The fruits will be collected by the local communities and 100% of the profit will be used for food security.


Global warming is not a surprise anymore, we've got to act now and fast.


We will offer expert education to increase the yield and price earned for the fruits when they are sold on the world market.

Plant Tree to Earn
Carbify Plants Trees
Plant To Earn Token

Buy NFTrees and start earning $aCO2 tokens

Get yourself an NFTree for as little as $14.00

Buying an NFTree will get you:

  • 1 tree planted attached to your NFTree
  • 1 tree planted for the staking program
  • 2 back-up trees planted
  • $aCO2 tokens, as your tree absorbs CO2
  • $2,50 worth of $CBY Tokens

You can either:

  • Burn $aCO2 to compensate for your carbon footprint. We generate a Carbon Reduction Certificate (NFT) for you
  • Sell the $aCO2 tokens by filling up pools in our dApp called Carbidash

    NFTrees tend to sell out rather quickly. Sometimes, only second-hand NFTrees can be bought. Please check the Carbify Discord for more info.
Tree Token Price
Carbify's NFTree

Increase your rewards

Tree Planting Crypto
By staking in the dApp

Stake your $CBY tokens on Carbidash to increase your rewards. You can increase this even further by planting trees on your land plots. Check out our staking page for details.

In other words, you are
saving the world helping the Amazon people earning back !

By playing Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth

Gamers can increase their yield and gain buffs by burning $aCO2 and actively compensating their carbon footprint

Crypto Plant Trees
Carbify's Genesis Landplot

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