A Sustainable Partnership with Rioterra 

In the journey towards environmental sustainability, Carbify will join an expansion of the planting efforts in 2024. 

Because of our successful collaboration with Agroforestry Carbon, who will continue to be our partner, Carbify is proud to announce a new partnership with RIOTERRA, a partnership that will significantly strengthen the ecological footprint in the Amazon region, particularly in the Rondônia Province near Bolivia.

Reforested Amazon land

Carbify’s & Rioterra’s Plan 

The upcoming planting initiative will cover over 100 hectares on the west side of Brazil, reaffirming our commitment to combating deforestation and mitigating climate change.

 The collaboration with RIOTERRA is expected to yield the planting of an additional 300,000 trees in the first half of 2024.

This not only highlights Carbify’s dedication to environmental conservation but also signals a substantial stride toward creating sustainable ecosystems. It emphasizes the continued efforts and unstoppable spirit of planting and growing more trees.

Amazon rainforest

RIOTERRA’s Impact:

Alexis Bastos, the director of RIOTERRA, expressed his pride in the partnership with Carbify, stating, “Rioterra is proud to announce the partnership with Carbify. Together, we will plant 300k seedlings using a traditional agroforestry system in the SW Amazon region, creating numerous benefits and positively impacting the local communities, biodiversity, and climate.”

Bastos emphasized that the partnership with Carbify goes beyond mere tree planting, focusing on the creation of a traditional agroforestry system. 

We will continue to plant agroforestry systems that can contain over 50 species of trees and plants that generate carbon debits.

This holistic approach will have the same target: sequestering carbon and providing sustenance for local communities, creating essential wildlife corridors, and acting as carbon sinks, playing a crucial role in climate change mitigation.

The commitment to positively impact local communities is a cornerstone of Carbify and RIOTERRA’s joint initiative. 

By fostering the growth of diverse ecosystems, the project aims to enhance biodiversity, providing habitat and sustenance for a variety of flora and fauna. This multifaceted approach addresses environmental concerns and contributes to the well-being of the communities residing in the region.

Bastos underlined the significance of the partnership by stating, “One simple act will make a significant difference for society.” This conveys the broader mission of Carbify and RIOTERRA – to create tangible change in the Amazon region and beyond, demonstrating that individual actions, when multiplied, can create a lasting impact on the planet.

As we anticipate further announcements of partnerships and project developments, Carbify’s journey will continue to set itself as an inspiring example of how corporate initiatives can lead the way toward a more sustainable future.

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Rioterra & Carbify partnership

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