What is going on?

Humanity is thriving. Economic prosperity is everywhere. The world economy is growing every single year. More people are joining this earth as inhabitants. Companies are focussing on profits and growth like never before.

It sounds like a positive movie script, right?

The issue acknowledged above is a significant and pressing concern for society. It is one of the most pressing problems we have faced as a civilisation. The earth is no longer able to support us due to our actions, and it is sending us warning signals through various means. However, we continue to pollute and damage the earth, and even attempt to offset our pollution through carbon credits that may actually contribute to further harm. Immediate and drastic policy changes are necessary in order to address this issue.

How do we fight this?

At Carbify, we believe it's important to do our part in taking care of the earth and its sustainability. That's why we're dedicated to investing in eco-friendly, biodiverse, and world-healing projects, such as planting trees. And to ensure that our decisions are guided by experts, we work with ecologists rather than politicians or profit-driven entrepreneurs. Additionally, we're committed to educating the public and helping those in need through initiatives like feeding the underprivileged.

Will you join our adventure?

Who we are

Jaap Harmsma

Jaap Harmsma


Entrepreneur for 25+ years. Previously held positions such as CTO at Vulcan Forged & Economy Advisor/Strategist for multiple projects. Crypto for Dummies writer.

Toby Wagenaar


Blockchain & gaming enthusiast, involved in a variety of projects. Ancient pro gamer, loves The Legend of Zelda. Previously held the position of COO at Vulcan Forged.

William ten Zijthoff


Serial entrepreneur in sustainable companies, initiator of the world's first blockchain carbon standard. Enjoys games, badminton and golf. Former CEO of Coorest.

Based in The Netherlands

Carbify was founded in The Netherlands, and we are proud to call it home. As founders, it's great to be able to communicate and collaborate in person. Our office is located in Zwolle and we meet here on a regular basis to discuss face-2-face.

However, we are a globally distributed team and are committed to diversity and inclusion.



Frequently Asked Questions

Carbify aims to have a beneficial effect on the environment through our unique program. By investing in trees that are grown by local people in the Amazon rain forest, you can help to absorb CO2 from the air and provide a sustainable source of income for these communities. As a tree owner, you will receive tokenized CO2 ($aCO2) which can be used in a variety of ways, or even sold for a profit. This not only has positive environmental consequences, but also has a positive social impact on the local communities involved.

Carbify is planting real trees in the Amazon rainforest and assigning each tree an NFT (non-fungible token) on the blockchain. The NFT will include the coordinates of the project, the date it was planted, and other relevant information. The tree cannot be sold more than once due to the use of blockchain technology. As the owner of an NFTree, you will receive $aCO2 tokens.

The $aCO2 token represents one kilogram of carbon dioxide compensated through the planting of trees in the Amazon rainforest. Only trees planted within the Amazon rainforest will contribute to the generation of $aCO2.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to burn them, sell them, or use them in our game Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth.

You can buy NFTrees via our Carbify Profile on Carbidash. If you need any guidance, please read our guide.

The $CBY token is the official token of Carbify. It can be used to stake trees on plots to earn passive income or to purchase premium subscriptions for the game Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth.

Yes, it is possible to plant your NFTrees onto Carbify land plots. By doing this the yield for the NFTrees can be doubled or even tripled in some cases. Please read StakingΒ for more information.

By destroying these tokens you will offset your carbon emissions. By doing so you will contribute to the fight against climate change and make a positive impact. We encourage all individuals to participate in this process and make a difference.

As a thank you, we will provide you with an official certificate signed by us. This certificate will be recognized by the Global Carbon Standard by Carbify and you will be listed on our leaderboards. You may also become eligible for free NFT airdrops.

Apart from burning them, you may also decide to sell the tokens or use them in our game Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth. Read more in our Whitepaper.

Michael Beers

Senior Ecologist

Pierre Tringh

Senior Ecologist

Paul Salwey

Data Scientist

Salman Riyaz

Data Scientist

Mario Landete

Forestry Engineer

Tymo de Wit

Chief Happiness Officer

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