Carbify signs Authic Labs to build innovative blockchain-powered applications.

Carbify aims to become the market leader in on-chain carbon compensation. The company offers CO2 generated by trees planted in the Amazon rainforest using the new standard regarding transparency and trust. We recognize the importance of partnering with high-quality organizations to achieve this goal. That’s why we proudly announce a strategic partnership with Authic Labs, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Together, we will collaborate to build innovative software reliably and efficiently.Innovative Blockchain


For Carbify, this partnership means a solid and, more importantly, a reliable future. The technical expertise the Authic team has to offer is extensive. They are accustomed to building comprehensive blockchain-based solutions for some of the largest brands around the world. Innovative Blockchain

We aim to develop our ideas and vision as swiftly as possible. Authic can significantly accelerate our development speed while enhancing the quality and security of our work. Furthermore, both companies are based in The Netherlands, which allows us to have regular in-person meetings to discuss software requirements and the detailed architecture we need.


This is no regular partnership. Both companies will work closely and embrace one another. Carbify will support Authic Labs and its client base to become fully carbon-neutral. We will act as a sustainability partner, while Authic will support Carbify as a technical partner. Both companies will attend events together and support each other’s business in many ways.

Wouter Kloosterman, CEO of Authic Labs, passionately declares, ‘Our unwavering commitment lies with Carbify’s noble cause. Our goal is to achieve complete carbon-neutrality at the earliest opportunity. Furthermore, we eagerly look forward to providing sustainable packages to both our existing and prospective clients, contributing to a greener future for all. Innovative Blockchain


Authic Labs is the proud winner of the Dutch Blockchain Award 2022. The company, headquartered in Amsterdam, is dedicated to providing an array of web3-based products, including customizable NFT marketplace solutions, blockchain-based loyalty programs and Web3 launchpads for creators and brands. Authic offers invaluable support to numerous web3-based companies, helping them kickstart their ventures by building a robust infrastructure that fosters distinctive experiences between consumers and brands. Authic has recently raised €1M+ in a funding round that was joined by many reputable tech VCs from all over Europe. Innovative Blockchain


Carbify is a disruptive alternative to the current carbon market offsetting solutions and methodologies. The company offers innovative solutions to fight climate change, tackle food shortages, and increase social impact for underprivileged communities.

Using blockchain technology creates a transparent and immutable way to document CO2 generation and compensation. This is based on a very strict rule set created by a team of ecologists and certified by the United Nations (UNFCCC).

Carbify offers:

  • Tokenized trees: These are NFTs bound to geo-tagged real trees planted in the Amazon rainforest.
  • High-yield ‘ReFi’ solutions for investors.
  • Unique games with a carbon compensation layer: Players won’t even notice they are compensated for their own carbon footprint while playing!
  • Carbify initiated the world’s first certified on-chain carbon debits.
  • The Carbify Global Carbon Standard is the new standard for carbon standards and methodologies. It is fully focused on reforestation by planting Agroforestry systems.

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