Carbify’s 2023 Milestones: A Year of Growth, Impact, and Sustainability

2023 was the year of expansion and growth, achieving milestones across various fronts and making statements in sustainability, community engagement, and blockchain. 

Let’s take a closer look at the key achievements that define Carbify’s journey during this transformative year.


  1. Environmental Impact: 250,000 Trees Planted

Carbify successfully planted 250,000 trees, not only a visual testament to our dedication to reforestation but also a significant and verifiable proof of our work. Our reliable partner, Agroforestry Carbon, and the local communities from the Amazon rainforest made all of this happen. Together, we managed to offset 43,750 tons of CO2 by planting 250,000 trees this year. These trees are planted in Agroforestry Systems which is a collection of many types of plants working together synergistically.  These systems as a whole absorb an average of 175kg per tree.




  1. Community Empowerment: Touching Lives Across Continents

These 250,000 trees signify more than just a number; they represent:

  • 3,192 Smiles: Our initiatives brought smiles to the faces of 3,192 community members. 
  • 100 Tons of Nourishment: The effect of our efforts reached 100 tons of food, supporting local communities’ consumption and income.
  • 3,125,000 m² Reforested: Over 3 million square meters of land were revitalised, contributing to the restoration of ecosystems. 
  • Carbify Explores Brazil: Due to our dedication and commitment, we couldn’t stay away from the Amazon rainforest without witnessing in real life the execution of our plan in Brazil. Therefore, Carbify embarked on a journey to Brazil to observe the planted trees and their rapid growth, to visit the lands, and to learn about the practices and processes involved in everything happening in the Amazon rainforest. Most importantly, we met the people who play an immense role in what we are achieving: the people of the Amazon rainforest.



  1. Blockchain and Tokenomics: Building a Sustainable Ecosystem

Carbify’s blockchain achievements highlight the impact in the crypto space:

  • CBY Token Rise: The CBY token witnessed a remarkable rise, soaring from 0.20 to an impressive highest mark of 2.11.
  • EE Pre-Alpha Launch + Faction Wars: Carbify introduced the pre-alpha version of the EE (Eco-Empires) alongside Faction Wars, engaging 39 players and 13 guilds. A total of 163 Ironheart land plots were conquered, with 74 plots seized from other players.
  • Private Token Sale Success: The private token sale saw an immediate sell-out, with 5 million tokens sold, showcasing the credibility and trustworthiness of Carbify. 
  • Genesis Plot Sold Out: Carbify’s Genesis plot, a symbol of exclusivity now, sold out 1500 almost instantly. 



  1. Global Recognition and Partnerships: 

Carbify expanded its global footprint and signed strategic partnerships:

  • Carbon Council: The Carbon Council, comprising 30 members, further strengthened Carbify’s position in the sustainability sector.
  • Partnerships with Industry Leaders: Collaborations with Lossless, EWT, Coinstore, RioTerra, AgroforestryCarbon, Earthood, and Merit Circle amplified Carbify’s reach and impact.



  1. Community Engagement: Carbify’s Digital Presence & Carbicon

Carbify fostered a strong online community, demonstrating the powerful influence in the digital space:

  • Discord and Twitter Growth: The Carbify community expanded, with 2.43k Discord members and 9,294 Twitter followers.
  • First AMA Success: Carbify’s first AMA attracted over 300 listeners, showcasing a keen interest in our mission and vision.
  • Carbicon: 50 people from 3 continents gathered at Carbicon to meet and network, and to discuss Carbify developments.


  1. Financial Ecosystem: Staking and Liquidity

Carbify’s financial ecosystem thrived, reflecting a solid foundation for sustainable growth:

  • Total Value Locked (TVL): Carbify saw significant staking activity, with $1.84 million USD locked in CBY. This included $1,090,005 staked in CBY, 40,519 trees staked (valued at $550K), and 811 plots used for staking (valued at $200K).
  • Liquidity Pools: Carbify maintained liquidity on both Ethereum and Polygon networks, with $1 million USD on Ethereum and $1.1 million USD on Polygon.


Carbify launched in January 2023, and now, as this incredible year has ended, we are more than proud of everything that has been achieved in only one year!


In 2024, our resolutions come in stronger, with 300,000 trees to be planted in the first quarter of 2024, more partnerships, and a more sustainable environment created by yours truly, Carbify.


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