Carbify’s Vision for A Green Future

What if you can play games and help the planet… at the same time

At Carbify, we’re making that happen. We create games where every click counts and every player helps plant trees and support agriculture.

We gamify sustainability to create a green future. And the things we do prove our commitment to our goal:

Supporting Tree Planting and Agroforestry: We help plant trees using agroforestry. In other words, for every tree we plant, we also plant shrubs, trees, and ground cover around it. This enriches the soil and helps the main tree absorb more CO2.

For example, some of our Amazon trees are surrounded by banana trees and passion fruit shrubs. This helps fight climate change by absorbing the harmful CO2 in the air and enriches local biodiversity.

Enabling Carbon Compensation through Gaming: We developed “Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth,” which integrates carbon offset activities in its gameplay. Players have to compensate for their in-game footprint which helps offset real-life emissions, thanks to a special system we created.

Supporting Local Economies: We employ local communities to plant trees and the agroforestry systems that go along with them. These locals also take on the role of caretakers and tend to the trees long-term. They are financially compensated for this, which gives them a sustainable income.

Creating Food Supply

Using agroforestry means that for each tree we sell, there’s always one or more other plants in the same plot. In many cases, those are fruit-bearing trees. As is the case in the Amazon, our trees are surrounded by banana, passion fruit, coconut, pineapple, and acai trees. This increases the local food supply and helps food security.

Gamification for Environmental Awareness: We use the gamification of sustainable practices to make more people aware of climate change and the environment.

We managed to combine all of these benefits with what we do because we found a way to:

Use technology for the good of nature

We use technology to help nature and the environment. We do this in various ways, harnessing blockchain’s potential to do good.

Carbify Token

1. Fighting CO2 Emissions with Carbon Debit Tokens

We use blockchain to make carbon emission compensation traceable and transparent. 

This makes the whole activity effective and authentic. Making CO2 compensation traceable and transparent ensures that actions to reduce carbon emissions actually work. This builds trust and shows everyone they’re really helping the environment. Plus, when people know it’s working, more of them are likely to join in and help fight climate change.

Each of our CO2 tokens represents a specific tree’s CO2 absorption and is tied to its unique geo coordinates, making it impossible to double-count or sell the same tree to multiple owners. Our blockchain technology also ensures the high-quality tokenization of CO2. The CO2 absorption by each NFTree is converted into $aCO2 tokens, which have real-world value. This system allows for a secure and transparent way of tracking CO2 compensation, making it an effective way of fighting climate change.



2. Creating Agroforestry Systems with NFTrees

Our NFTrees help environmental conservation in a unique way. 

When you invest in an NFTree, you don’t just get a digital asset; you’re contributing to real reforestation efforts. Each NFTree is equivalent to a 12m² area of plant life in the Amazon rainforest. This includes one main tree and several other fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. This not only aids in carbon offset but also supports local communities by improving their food security.

By owning Carbify NFTrees, you’re raising awareness about the importance of carbon offset and reforestation. Our NFTrees are part of a broader ecosystem that includes tokenized carbon offsets and transparent blockchain technology.



3. Gamifying Climate Action

We turn fighting climate change into a fun game with “Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth.” In the game, every move players make helps plant real trees and cut down CO2. As players get better at the game, they earn $aCO2 tokens, making a difference in the real world. This way, Carbify makes helping the environment both enjoyable and rewarding.

We do all of these things with the firm belief that…


Little drops of water make the mighty ocean

Think of a small water droplet. On its own, it seems insignificant, yet when joined with countless others, it forms an ocean.



This simple story mirrors how our environmental projects work. They make it easy for everyone to contribute. When you play Eco Empires, for instance, you’re not just enjoying a game; you’re actively helping to plant real trees and offset carbon emissions. Each action in the game, though small, adds to a larger, global effort to reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change.

This collective power of small actions creates a ripple effect. As more people join, the impact grows exponentially. Just like the countless droplets that make up the mighty ocean, our combined efforts through Carbify can lead to a profound and positive change for our planet.


The future’s starting to look green

We’re building towards a future where our planet breathes easier. A carbon-neutral world where the balance between humanity and nature is restored. In the future, the trees planted and nurtured today will be grown into vast forests, absorbing significant amounts of CO2.




Communities thrive, powered by sustainable practices and technologies, living in harmony with the environment. 

This vision, once a distant dream, is becoming a reality through collaboration, advances in technology, and the fact that more and more people are aware of climate change.

It’s a world where everyone plays a part, where every small action contributes to a larger purpose, creating a sustainable and flourishing planet for future generations. This is not just a hope; it’s a future we’re actively building, one tree, one token, one community at a time.

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