First crypto exchange carbon compensated by Carbify!

Carbify is on a mission to help businesses to compensate for their carbon footprint. Of course, this also applies to First crypto exchange carbon.

We are excited to announce a long-term partnership between Carbify and Coinstore. As part of the partnership, Coinstore will purchase $aCO2 tokens every month to offset its carbon emissions.

This is the stepping stone to much more similar deals in the future. It’s the perfect example of how to do an exchange listing with mutual benefits. Tymo de Wit, CHO Carbify.


The world is undergoing a transformation. In Europe, numerous companies are already obligated to offset their carbon footprints, and many major corporations are making preparations to do the same. Despite not being legally mandated to do so (yet), Coinstore has chosen to take the proactive step of doing what is right. We, at Carbify, believe this is a significant move that will send a powerful signal to the crypto community. First crypto exchange carbon

Coinstore will work its way to carbon neutrality. This means they will start buying $aCO2 (carbon debits) on a monthly basis to offset part of the business. The exchange will start with offsetting 300 tons of CO2/year.

We will also work on education together with Coinstore. We both think we can contribute to the discussions regarding NFTs and blockchains and their emissions and impact on the climate. This is why we will combine our strengths and educate the masses regarding sustainable blockchain-based solutions.

We applaud and support Coinstore’s efforts to prioritize sustainability and create a brighter, greener future for all. It’s a positive signal to its large community.




Coinstore is on a mission to disrupt the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. They are your financial arcade. Where people see complexity, they provide clarity. As crypto is becoming the “next big thing”, we want to make cryptocurrency available for everyone in a fast, relatable and secure manner.

Whether you are a seasoned or a new player, CoinStore offers an intuitive interface with a comprehensive suite of products that suits everyone’s needs. With our 24/7 support team and professional blockchain technical NPCs, we’ve got your back always. You play carry, we play support.

Join us on our quest to becoming the preferred digital asset trading platform for fun-loving institutions and ordinary investors around the world.


Carbify is a disruptive alternative for the current carbon market offsetting solutions and methodologies. 90% of the current CO2 offsetting is done illegally and based on wrong data / intentions (source). We are using blockchain technology to create a transparent and immutable way to document CO2 compensation. This is based on our own very strict rule sets created by a team of ecologists. To accomplish our goals we created an ecosystem with features like:

— We plant trees and increase biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest.
— We offer high-yield ‘ReFi’ solutions without inflation.
— We are a game producer. Our first game is a web3 MMO-RTS game.
— We initiated the world’s first certified carbon debits on chain.
— Our ‘Global Carbon Standard’ is the new standard for carbon standards and methodologies. Certified by the United Nations (UNFCCC). Disruptive for the ‘current elite’. We offer a solid alternative that actually works.
— Our tree planting projects offer food security, fight poverty and increase social impact for (poor) communities. Meanwhile, the trees absorb CO2 from the air and generate $aCO2 tokens.
— We offer educational programs for schools and universities.
— We offer an API data feed for businesses to proof offsets and carbon administration.

And much more…

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