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Eco Empires is an MMO-RTS based game played from a bird view

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Frozen Vanguard Structure
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Waterborne Structure
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Stormbringers Structure

Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth is a unique and challenging online game that tasks players with building and managing a civilisation that is CO2 neutral.

In this game, players must gather resources, build structures, and expand their territory in order to thrive and grow. However, the twist is that players must also focus on becoming CO2 neutral, meaning that they must develop and implement technologies and strategies that reduce the carbon emissions of their civilisation. This adds an extra layer of strategy and decision-making to the gameplay, as players must balance the need for expansion and resource acquisition with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

Eco Empires offers a fun and engaging gameplay experience that also promotes environmental awareness and sustainability.

The game will be set in medieval times and contains three different factions, each with its own visuals, strengths and weaknesses

The Frozen Vanguard

The Stormbringers

The Waterborne

Game structure

The game is set on a large dynamic landmap in hexagonal form, partially filled with NFT-owned plots. There's also plots controlled by the AI, as well as plots that offer resources.

NFT Plots

Other plots

Other NFTs


Once players have adequately upgraded and expanded their settlements, they will be able to train units like Thunderfists, Frost Stallions and Tidal Wardens, as well as siege weapons called Iceblade Ballistae, Floodgate Breakers, and more.


The goal is to neutralize as much CO2 as possible. An in-game pool of $aCO2 rewards will be available. Players can view a dynamic CO2 offset meter and see how their share of the reward pool compares to others. The greater the CO2 offset, the bigger the share of the pool.

Play our game and earn rewards, while working to save the planet

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