Helping Local Communities: Carbify’s Role in the Amazon Rainforest

Last year, we set out on a mission – to grow hope in the Amazon rainforest.

We went on a journey to Brazil to meet the locals and lay the groundwork for our first agroforestry project. We also took the time to document our adventure so you can follow along and experience some of the things we did and saw.


The tree planting was only the first step. We planned on doing way more – for the locals, for the biodiversity of the surrounding environment, and much, much more…


The Results

In less than a year, we helped plant 140,000 trees in the Amazon, and we’re working on expanding that to a total of 250,000. These trees are from over 300 species and are planted alongside shrubs and other vegetation, bringing back 3,125 million square meters of forest. They also produce bananas, passion fruit, coconuts, pineapples, and acai berries. In a single year, this comes to about 100,000 kg. This puts food on the tables of locals, both figuratively and literally, since they sell the excess on the food market. Our project has already helped more than 200 communities in the region. Some of the people from these communities don’t shy away from sharing their experiences about working with us. Take a listen.


Anecdotes from the Amazon

The locals rejoice, as they now have the opportunity to continue living by doing what they do best – tending to the land. 

“I want to continue to do agroforestry for as long as I live.”

“With carbon debit initiatives – I have no doubt that our districts will burst into prosperity.” 

“For me, it’s an immense satisfaction to be in this project.” 

Their stories aren’t just about planting trees – they’re about hope, teamwork, and making a difference. 


What the future holds

Looking ahead, the future of the Amazon Rainforest and its communities shines bright with promise. It’s a story that’s still being written, and we’re glad to be a part of it. The success we’ve seen so far is only the beginning. As of writing this article, we just signed a deal with a new project that wants to plant 300,000 trees over 100 hectares in the Rondônia province in west Brazil. 


Wrapping up, our work in the Amazon is really making a difference and shows how serious we are about helping the rainforest and the people living there. Every tree we help plant, and every person we work with is part of a big change. We’re not just helping the forest; we’re also bringing people together and creating a better future. There’s still a lot more to do, and we’re excited to keep going!


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