Introducing Carbon Debits: The New Standard for Transparent Carbon Offsets

The company’s mission is to support global reforestation and make a positive impact on the environment. Transparent Carbon Offsets.


STONIA, May 23, 2023/ Carbify is pleased to announce it is transforming the carbon offset landscape with its ground-breaking alternative to traditional carbon credits. Focused on reforestation, this disruptive approach, backed by the certified Global Carbon Standard (GCS) methodology, offers a game-changing solution. Unlike conventional carbon credits, the GCS is based on carbon debits instead of credits. The GCS ensures that carbon debits are issued only after successful CO2 sequestration, eliminating the need for nature to provide a temporary loan. Transparent Carbon Offsets.

At the core of Carbify’s innovative system lies blockchain technology, smart monitoring, and geo-tagged trees, ensuring complete transparency. This means companies and individuals can verify the specifics of each tree and as blockchain data is immutable, any attempts to manipulate or commit fraud are rendered futile — thus preventing double counting/spending.

Not only that, but the company’s methodology also covers the loss of trees. For instance, if a tree within the system dies, carbon debits will no longer be paid out unless it is immediately replaced, maintaining the integrity of the offset process. Carbify is already making a significant impact, annually planting 250,000 trees in accordance with the GCS guidelines. These efforts support over 100 families and communities in the Amazon, ensuring food security for 10,000 people and reforesting an impressive area of 1.25 million square meters per year.

“By providing carbon debits to companies, our mission is to empower businesses to offset their carbon emissions in a transparent way,” says Co-Founder William ten Zijthoff. “Simultaneously, they contribute to vital reforestation projects and make a positive social impact, as well as enhancing food security in the region. With carbon debits offering enhanced reliability compared to carbon credits, companies can confidently make claims about their offsets without incurring substantial risks, thereby avoiding ‘greenwashing claims.’”

At its very core, Carbify’s disruptive approach ushers in a new era of sustainability, where carbon debits become a reliable tool for companies striving to mitigate their environmental impact. Through this innovative solution, businesses can support reforestation efforts while fostering positive change for local communities and the environment at large. Transparent Carbon Offsets.

“To establish ourselves as a trusted authority, we developed the Global Carbon Standard (GCS) in collaboration with a team of senior ecologists, forest engineers, and data scientists,” states Co-Founder Jaap Harmsma. “The GCS has been certified by Earthood, an organization that evaluates environmental initiatives. On May 3, 2023, the GCS received official approval from Earthood and was subsequently submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on May 4th. This certification ensures that Carbify’s carbon debits adhere to the highest standards recognized globally.”

According to the team at Carbify, there are a number of key factors that set the company’s carbon debits apart from the competition, including:

1. Verified Absorption: Carbon debits are paid out solely when CO2 has been absorbed, guaranteeing real and measurable emission reductions. With blockchain technology ensuring transparency, businesses can have complete confidence in the credibility of their offsets. This transparency surpasses the limitations of carbon credits, providing a superior solution for tracking and validating emission reductions.
2. Environmental and Social Support: By aligning with Carbify and the GCS, companies not only contribute to the fight against climate change but also support local communities and existing biodiversity. Carbify’s initiatives empower communities and enhance the preservation of vital ecosystems, ensuring a positive environmental and social impact.

“If readers are ready to make a meaningful difference in reducing their company’s carbon footprint, we invite you to visit today and schedule a call with our knowledgeable sales managers,” concludes the company’s third Co-Founder, Toby Wagenaar. “They will provide a comprehensive explanation of our carbon debits approach and how it can benefit your business, as well as guide you through the process of implementing this game-changing solution.”


Carbify is a pioneering company based in Estonia that is revolutionizing the carbon offset market through its innovative approach to carbon debits. By combining blockchain technology, geo-tagged trees, and the certified Global Carbon Standard methodology, Carbify provides businesses with a transparent and reliable solution to effectively offset their carbon emissions. With a strong focus on reforestation and social impact, Carbify is committed to creating a sustainable future and supporting local communities.

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