Get ready to make a difference and have some fun at the same time! Carbify is excited to announce an innovative project that addresses one of the world’s biggest challenges: reducing carbon emissions. But this project doesn’t just stop there as it also offers a fantastic investment opportunity and the chance to enjoy some seriously strategic gaming experiences.

Kickoff summary

Carbify sells trees. These trees are planted in the Amazon rainforest by local communities. These communities are allowed to keep the harvest from these trees and will be educated by Carbify’s ecologists and partners to increase the harvest and yield. Meanwhile, the CO2 absorbed will be tokenized and rewarded to the tree owner.

With these CO2 tokens and Tree NFTs, you can:

  • Sell the CO2 for a profit or burn it to offset your carbon footprints;
  • Bonus +: Plant your trees in virtual plots and increase your profit;
  • Bonus ++: Play our game: Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth, and increase your profits even more. You can conquer plots from enemy players, plant your virtual trees, and be rewarded.

Combined, the ROI will be massive. Companies that need to neutralize carbon emissions are basically making this possible. That means this is effectively a non-inflationary DeFi solution.

Carbify is offering households to become 100% carbon neutral in a fun, exciting and profitable way.

The details

Carbify has four important pillars:

  1. We focus on sustainability;
  2. We focus on food and income security;
  3. We focus on education for the underprivileged;
  4. We focus on CO2 offsetting for the masses, by gamified carbon footprint reduction.

Read everything about it in our Whitepaper.


We believe that gamification is a powerful tool for driving change and are therefore developing a game that allows players to offset their carbon footprint in a fun and interactive way. Our first game, called Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth, will reward players but will also educate the players in a fun and exciting way.

You can use some of the premium options in-game by paying (burning!) CO2 tokens. Our game will burn loads of absorbed CO2 from the air resulting in an actual change for our planet and environment.

Partners and experts

Carbify has enlisted the help of top environmental specialists, local universities, and partners to undertake this project successfully. Our highly dedicated team has a wealth of experience in gaming, blockchain, carbon markets, legal and compliance, and much more.

Join us!

Will you join our adventure and help mother earth regain her strength?

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