Helping Local Communities: Carbify’s Role in the Amazon Rainforest

Last year, we set out on a mission – to grow hope in the Amazon rainforest. We went on a journey to Brazil to meet the locals and lay the groundwork for our first agroforestry project. We also took the time to document our adventure so you can follow along and experience some of the […]

Carbify’s Vision for A Green Future

What if you can play games and help the planet… at the same time?  At Carbify, we’re making that happen. We create games where every click counts and every player helps plant trees and support agriculture. We gamify sustainability to create a green future. And the things we do prove our commitment to our goal: […]

Every Click Counts: Blockchain’s Role in Personal Carbon Responsibility

Imagine if you could help the environment with just a few clicks… Yes, clicks because our digital lives have become a huge part of our daily routine for a while now. Just imagine that with such a small effort, you can plant a tree on the other side of the world. Help someone put food […]

Playing for the Planet: Games That Grow a Greener World

We live in a time in which the effects of climate change are becoming more visible and severe. That’s why being aware is important now more than ever. Spreading awareness is crucial for two main reasons. It creates understanding and invites action.    Why is it important to spread awareness of climate change? First, even […]

Carbify’s 2023 Milestones: A Year of Growth, Impact, and Sustainability

2023 was the year of expansion and growth, achieving milestones across various fronts and making statements in sustainability, community engagement, and blockchain.  Let’s take a closer look at the key achievements that define Carbify’s journey during this transformative year.   Environmental Impact: 250,000 Trees Planted Carbify successfully planted 250,000 trees, not only a visual testament […]

A Sustainable Partnership with Rioterra 

Rioterra & Carbify partnership

In the journey towards environmental sustainability, Carbify will join an expansion of the planting efforts in 2024.  Because of our successful collaboration with Agroforestry Carbon, who will continue to be our partner, Carbify is proud to announce a new partnership with RIOTERRA, a partnership that will significantly strengthen the ecological footprint in the Amazon region, […]

Empowering Local Communities Through Carbon Offset

We strongly believe that Carbify is a shining example of how local communities can benefit economically and environmentally from tree-planting projects in the Amazon rainforest. Our commitment to reforestation and carbon offsetting not only revitalizes the Amazon but also nurtures the lives of those who call this rainforest their home.   The heart of the […]

The Use of NFTrees: Tokenizing Carbon Offset and Environmental Impact


In the landscape of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a powerful tool for not just digital art and collectibles but also for making a real-world impact.  Enter Carbify NFTrees, a concept that merges the world of NFTs with environmental conservation and carbon offset initiatives, bringing you a unique opportunity to […]

Unlocking the Power of CBY

Unlocking the Power of CBY At Carbify, we believe in the limitless potential of our native token. Its versatility extends far beyond the realm of traditional cryptocurrencies. In this article, we’ll delve into the diverse and exciting use cases that make CBY a valuable asset in the Carbify ecosystem. Buckle up, as we explore how […]

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